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Low hanging fruits Customer Experience

Low hanging fruits in customer experience? Here’s an example. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to solve a specific problem and didn’t know how? Like you are sitting in your car and there’s this strange noise you’re hearing and you don’t know where it comes from. You just know that it’s your car that’s making the noise. And it isn’t good!

Ok, so what do you do? Of course. You need an appointment with your dealership or the garage you trust. How do you do that? You go the website or to Google and try to find the contact details. There’s a phone number. You make the call. Oops. It’s Sunday afternoon. No one there, just an answering machine. So you go to the website. There’s a link. You click on it. You fill in a form with your name, address, and add a few details about the car. You click SEND. A message appears „Thanks for contacting us. We’ll get back to you whenever we get a chance“ or something like that. So again. No immediate solution.

Why is it that so many companies don’t seem to care about low hanging fruits in customer experience?

Or, in this example, why isn’t it possible to book a car service directly when the problem occurs? Even when it’s outside the business hours. You’re still the customer! The dealership should try to meet your needs! But most companies don’t even see this is as a problem. They argue that they’re already doing or offering everything necessary to make for a perfect customer experience. They have customer service hotlines – unfortunately they only work during business hours. Not when you need them. They offer online forms. Unfortunately they are not direct booking tools. Those forms are merely a request for an appointment – not a booking. No guarantee that the requested time is really available. There is no real time sync.

It could all be so easy. It’s a low hanging fruit. Imagine this:

  • You open the website from your smartphone.
  • You find a button for appointment booking.
  • You enter your data, select the dealership near you, find the available slot that suits your needs and book the appointment.
  • You receive a conformation with an ics file to add to your calendar and off you go.

Of course you can’t expect the dealership to see you on that Sunday. But you want to resolve the issue. You want to continue driving knowing that you have already set up an appointment.

There are simple SAAS tools like TIMIFY available today, that can be used with little to no systems integration and that cost next nothing. They can be the low hanging fruits in customer experience. And they would yield a significant uplift in customer satisfaction.

According to Accenture, 64% of all customers will start booking appointments online in 2019. But only 38% of all appointments will be booked directly. Now you know why that is.

So maybe next time when want to solve a specific problem, you will be able to reach someone outside their business hours. And get that issue off your chest.