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Agile Marketing – How to make it really work for you

Agile Marketing? What does that mean? Well, given the hype around Scrum and agile project management it would not take long until marketing operations would be identified as an adjacent area to deploy the methodology – after application development. But how do we set up the marketing organization to become “agile ready”? Read this article to learn how it can be done.

Three digitization trends in insurance

Digitization in insurance is somewhat still in progress. Most companies struggle to make use of their unstructured data. Truley functioning global operating models are nowhere in sight. How can a globally operating insurance company come to terms with the difficult...

How „“ ruined my day

A good friend of mine always starts a conversation with the words “You will not believe what happened to me today”. Well, today it’s me delivering that routine. A tale of Digital Marketing and Customer Experience. But in a bad way….

Digitization in Real Estate – Challenges and Opportunities

In the real estate sector, many companies still use manual or paper-based processes for a range of internal administration activities and for communication between buyers and sellers. However, like many other industries, adopting digital tools to innovate around these...

Three digital marketing priorities for insurers 2020

Every insurer can achieve a global leadership position if the company manages to create a truly data driven business. Digital marketing is one of the core elements of a data driven business. It makes use of available data to create personalized customer communication...